Our Vague Personality Test Will Flatter You Even More Than Other Quizzes

August 11, 2019 by , featured in Lifestyle
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Forget Myers-Briggs, say to hell with Enneagrams, and leave NERIS to the nerds. Our brand new vague personality test, the Macaulay-Eargrams, will produce such generic results that you will 100% be able to convince yourself they are personally tailored to you. Maybe you enjoy achieving goals, dislike interpersonal conflict, or value justice. It’s the perfect test for convincing yourself that you have boundless positive traits while you play on your phone at one in the morning amidst a sea of potato chip crumbs.

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Our Vague Personality Test

Answer these nine questions and discover your completely vague and self-flattering personality type!

Post the results of our vague personality test on the comments below!

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